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We provide a variety of administrative services and are constantly looking to expand the scope of what we do. Regardless of the task, we make every effort to ensure our clients are satisfied, and we strive for service to be our greatest asset.

  • Administration

    Benefit Resources provides comprehensive plan-administration services in all aspects of fund management, including:

    • Claims Processing
    • Collection and Eligibility
    • Pension Administration
    • Supplemental Unemployment Benefits
    • Benefit Office Operations (Activity Tracking System, Document Management)
  • Pension

    • Application & Inquiries
    • Monthly Pension Payments
    • Federal Tax Filings
    • Annual Account Statements
    • Detailed Work Histories
    • Reciprocity
    • Weekly Death Audits
    • All Government-Required Filings 5500-PBGC-945-1099R
    • Detailed Actuarial Reports
    • Record Keeping Services
    • Age 70 ½ Search
    • Dividend Allocations
  • Health Claims Administration

    We have a strong commitment to our Health & Welfare clients. For this reason, we know no limits in our efforts to provide responsive service and guard the privacy of your personal information. Our services include:

    • Experienced Representatives
    • State-of-the-art software
    • Coordination of Benefits
    • Medical, Dental, Vision and Pharmacy Benefits
    • Disability
    • Customized EOBs
    • Electronic Claims from and to Providers
    • Claims Investigation & Resolution
  • COBRA Administration

    Benefit Resources has been administering COBRA plans since 1998. Our experienced team has complete procedures and established processes in place to handle all aspects of COBRA administration.

    • Monitoring of election periods and participant timeframes
    • Enrollment & Eligibility
    • Coordination of Benefits
    • Billing & Premium Collection
    • Record-Keeping
    • Enrollment Support
    • Distribution and Maintenance of all COBRA Notices
  • HRA Administration

    Many trust funds are offsetting increasing costs by incorporating a Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA) into their overall benefits package. Benefit Resources provides administration to complimentBenefit your medical health plan. These programs are very popular with plan participants and can be adjusted up and down depending on the health of your welfare fund.

    • Office Visit Copays
    • Prescription Copays
    • Flexibility in Frequency of Updating Funds
    • Ability to Pay All HRA Funds Directly to Employees Only
    • Assignment of HRA Funds to Provider or Employee
    • Automated or Manual HRA Reimbursement Processing
    • Predefined Annual Spending Caps